What is SQL Server and how does it work - SQL Server 101

What is SQL Server and how does it work - SQL Server 101
by Tibor Karaszi, Consultant, SQL Server expert, MVP;

Are you wondering which tools can help you manage your SQL (Structured Query Language) server? Are you looking for a guide that will help you achieve a quick and easy start with SQL that includes both the history of SQL and its technical basics?

Look no further! SQL Server expert Tibor Karaszi uses easy-to-understand language to tell you all about SQL Server basics, including architecture fundamentals and building blocks, in his NEW white paper titled SQL Server 101.

Read and learn about the most common SQL Server services running under your OS (operating system). Tibor writes about five SQL Server database types that each perform a specific role. He also provides detailed overviews of each database type and explains data file, table and index architecture, including a deep dive into details such as pages and columns.

Read SQL Server 101 and learn more about SQL Server’s architecture and management basics. This useful guide also covers:

  • Working with the SQL Server optimizer and execution plans;
  • Keeping track of used and free space in your server, and maintaining transaction logs;
  • Using APIs to manage SQL Server databases and enabling secure SQL Server access for users by assigning roles and permissions;
  • And more!

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