SQL Server Backup and Restore in a Veeam environment

SQL Server Backup and Restore in a Veeam environment
by Tibor Karaszi, Consultant, SQL Server expert, MVP;

It’s hard to imagine an infrastructure without an SQL Server installed. Some organizations are fortunate enough to have dedicated an SQL Server database administrator. More often, however, IT admin have to wear multiple hats to manage multiple applications simultaneously. Your approach to SQL Server backup will depend on if your company is DBA-centric or backup-operator-centric in the administration of its SQL Servers.

When you use Veeam to protect your virtualized assets you have two options to back up your SQL Servers. You can use the SQL Server route and generate SQL Server backups into files, which Veeam picks up and stores on a backup server. Another option is to use the Veeam route, where Veeam is used both for the machine backup and also for backup of SQL Server databases.

Read this white paper to learn more about SQL Server backup and learn about:

  • SQL Server backup types, including both the traditional and snapshot-based methods used by third-party, backup solutions like Veeam
  • Identifying the proper Veeam settings for the SQL Server route
  • Performing transaction log backups inside Veeam when using the Veeam route
  • And much more!

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