Atempo Digital Archive

Atempo Digital Archive is a powerful tool that meets the current challenges of managing data growth while keeping storage costs to a minimum.

The Atempo Digital Archive solution can be configured in two different modes.
It can automatically migrate data that is changed the least frequently to a storage medium at a lower cost thus ensuring fast access to data that is most in demand in the company. Atempo Digital Archive can also migrate data at the user's request via drag and drop.
Combined with the powerful Exalead indexing engine, archived data is restored using a key word search. Atempo Digital Archive is a complete enterprise solution that meets current needs for economic (HSM), legal and asset archiving.

Atempo Digital ArchiveAtempo Digital Archive

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Expression of need

  • Reduction in the cost of primary storage

  • Simplified restoration of archived data

  • Retention of data in accordance with the legislation in force

Key features

  • The answer to all of a company's archiving needs

  • Automatic, rules based archiving

  • Archiving via drag and drop

  • Full content indexing and search capability

  • Flexible Archive Organization

  • Centralized Administration