Business Continuity of a company are defined according to RTO and RPO. An availability strategy of an information service should be defined according to the following 4 time segments:


  • From T ­­ 0to T ­­ 1: this time interval is between the time the incident occurs and the time we have the latest copy of the backed-up data. This interval thus corresponds to the RPO.
  • From T ­ 1to T ­­ 2: this time interval starts from the moment the incident occurs and ends when the recovery process is completed. This process is activated by an operator or control software. There is a service unavailability during this period of time.
  • From T ­­ 2to T ­­ 3: this time interval determines the time of operations in degraded mode of the system. It matches to the time required to cope with a new incident leading to a service interruption.
  • From T ­­ 3to T ­­ 4: this time interval determines the time required to return to normal production, without degradation of service or performance.
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