The consequences of a disaster can be classified in three distinct categories in a company:

Financial Service unavailability can rapidly lead to an important loss of income for companies selling products online for example. This permanent or temporary loss of income can thus impact on the finances of the business and may, in extreme cases, lead to bankruptcy.
Reputation The company may also suffer a loss of credibility towards customers, partners and suppliers.
Penal Existing legislation on data retention, including financial, can impose financial penalties for failure to consult documents lost in the disaster, the indirect effect is again financial.

Loss of data is probably more devastating than any other service disruption. The most difficult element to replace in an infrastructure is data, and the malfunctions resulting from such a loss is often very difficult to overcome. Recovery is the most critical aspect of data restoration. Due to the dispersion of data, the company becomes increasingly dependent towards the availability of its data and thus more vulnerable to disaster.

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