Atempo Time Navigator

Advanced high-performance backup and recovery solution

Atempo Time Navigator has evolved into a powerful and easy to use tool for tiered data protection that can fit the data protection needs of both large enterprises and small to medium size businesses.
Whether you manage a few servers, a workgroup or a multi-location enterprise network, Atempo Time Navigator helps you seamlessly manage data throughout its lifecycle. With the latest technologies built into its backup architecture, Atempo Time Navigator makes it possible to restore individual files from any point in time and any storage media. The powerful Time Navigation capability offers a unique approach to data restoration, eliminating backup window limitations. Users can access a single file saved at any point in time in any tier of storage and restore it at exceptional speed. By integrating advanced security techniques, such as encryption, digital signatures and hierarchical key management, Atempo Time Navigator provides uniquely secure backup and non-repudiated long-term archives for your data. Finally, users can match their storage protection and security to the value of their information.
Finally, its integration with Hyper Stream Server deduplication technology lets you reduce storage costs incomparably.

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Expression of need

  • Backup to disk or tape in LAN, SAN or NDMP mode for servers and applications

  • Fast and intuitive restoration

Key features

  • Broad Support for Operating Systems and Applications

  • Enterprise Scalability

  • Optimized storage (deduplication with Hyper Stream Server)

  • Time Navigation (user-friendly restoration)

  • SAN/NAS and Virtual Environment Support

  • Exceptional Restore Speeds