Atempo Live Navigator

Continuous data protection for laptops and desktop computers

Atempo-Live Navigator is an enterprise-level data protection solution that automatically backs up corporate data on desktops and laptops. With its unrivaled continuous data protection technology, Atempo-Live Navigator provides a transparent solution that has no impact on end user performance or network workload.

With Atempo-Live Navigator, customers have the peace of mind that their laptops and desktops are automatically and continuously backed up—with all system information available for instant recovery if a laptop crashes or is lost or stolen. Atempo Live Backup gives end users the ability to recover their own files, while IT administrators can centrally manage all distributed data assets.

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The protection of laptops and PCs, a worrying observation...

Value of Data
  • $18 billion lost per year
  • 70% of companies’ intellectual capital is stored on them
  • Data vulnerability

  • 90% of data is never backed up
  • 52% of managers admit that they are "very vulnerable"

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    Expression of need

    • Continuous data protection for desktop or mobile computers

    • Complete restoration of the machine in the event of loss or theft

    Key features

    • Transparent protection (real time capture)

    • Optimized storage (deduplication)

    • Simple and transparent restoration of data

    • File restoration by the user

    • Centralized administration

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