The concept of virtualization is to abstract physical hardware layer from the point of view of the operating system to optimize the use of resources and to facilitate administrative tasks.

This technology can be applied to different components of the architecture. First, Storage Virtualization by FalconStor provides a flexible approach to data management – move, store, protect, and recover data – without tying your business to specific hardware, network or interconnect protocols. The same virtualisation can also apply to the Ethernet network, workstations and servers finally ( VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Xen). The main applications of server virtualization are:

  • the consolidation enables the limitation of the number of physical machines which should be managed
  • the test and the development by fastly providing ready-made servers upon request or which are exact copies of the production servers at a given time
  • business continuation in case of a sinister by supplying normal servers which are immediately operational, this reduces the cost of purchasing spare equipment (spare) necessarily identical to the production server.

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