Lattus Object Storage

Next-generation storage for large archives

Lattus overcomes Big Data management challenges with next-generation Lattus Object Storage technology. Multisite architecture provides extreme resilence while enabling immediate access to data for their immediate use or long-term. Its high scalability allows Lattus to manage data from a hundred terabytes to multiple petabytes with a cost-effectiveness unparalleled report

  • Lattus-M
  • Lattus-X
  • Lattus-D
Object Storage integration with StorNext
Ideal for Big Data environments that include multiple tiers of storage, from high-performance primary storage to active archiving to tape.
Technical Datasheet
Quantum Lattus-M
Data Access
CIFS, NFS, HTTP REST (supported)
Lattus-M architecture
Quantum Lattus-M
Object storage with NAS access
Ideal for distributed workgroups that share large repositories of shared content or large data sets
Technical Datasheet
Quantum Lattus-X
Data Access
CIFS, NFS ou HTTP REST (native)
Lattus-X architecture
Quantum Lattus-X
Object-Based Cloud Storage for Data Protection
Perfect solution for software applications that want to leverage the power of object storage cloud technology
Technical Datasheet
Quantum Lattus-D
Data Access
CIFS/NFS (option), HTTP REST (native)
Lattus-D architecture

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Expression of need

  • Manage large and growing repositories of Big Data

  • Ensure optimal protection against data loss

  • Reduce capital and operating costs

Key features

  • Extreme scalability

  • High-speed data acces thanks to disk storage

  • Durable with self-healing

  • Lower-cost drives

  • Data spread across multiple sites

  • Self-migrating

  • Heterogeneous data access (CIFS, NFS, StorNext Storage Manager, HTTP REST, supporting Amazon S3

  • Reduce capital and operating costs

Quantum Lattus Series