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Best Practices for Monitoring VMware with SCOM
by Alec King, Vice President Product Management at Veeam Software; Cameron Fuller; Pete Zerger;
Best Practices for Monitoring VMware with SCOM

When you are considering VMware as a foundation of your private cloud infrastructure while using SCOM (Microsoft System Center Operations Manager) for enterprise management, Veeam® can help you overcome infrastructure management challenges and increase operational efficiency and capital utilization. SCOM lacks monitoring capabilities for VMware environments and you need a specific management pack to integrate monitoring and management of the VMware private cloud infrastructure and applications with minimal impact. Veeam Management Pack™ (MP) effectively combines the power of Operations Manager and vSphere monitoring to provide physical and virtual system monitoring from the comfort of the Operations Manager interface.

In this white paper, you will learn how to get complete visibility of the VMware infrastructure with the Operations Manager and monitor VMware performance metrics such as memory, CPU, ESXi host health and performance, clusters and vCenter Server.

Download this white paper and discover the six key concepts to get the most out of VMware vSphere monitoring with SCOM, including:

  • An insight on data sources and solution architectures for the highest level of vSphere monitoring;
  • Fine-tuning Operations Manager alerting to sort the actionable alerts from the alert "noise" produced by irrelevant or duplicated notifications;
  • Best practices for tuning Operations Manager using overrides;
  • Reporting for trending, capacity planning and forecasting with SCOM;
  • And much more!

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