Nextcloud est le leader sur le marché des technologies de synchronisation de fichiers et de collaboration en ligne. L'entreprise met à profit son expertise afin de combiner la commodité et la facilité d'utilisation offerte par des solutions grand public telles que Dropbox et Google Drive sans compromettre vos besoins en matière de sécurité, de confidentialité et de contrôle des données.

Nextcloud Android 3.1 app improves UI, 50% faster file listing and more

Nextcloud Android 3.1 app improves UI, 50% faster file listing and more

Nextcloud Android app v3

Straight from the Hackweek in Stuttgart, we release the Nextcloud 3.1 app with many small improvements, bug fixes and speed improvements.

What‘s new and improved?

Building on the strong 3.0 release just two months ago, this version delivers a series of improvements, including:

  • Improved support for Android 8.x Oreo
  • Significant
  • ...

US cloud companies give up fight for privacy

US cloud companies give up fight for privacyThe Verge reports how Microsoft and the US Department of Justice have withdrawn the Supreme Court Case about accessing data operated in different countries. The reason is that everyone accepted the new CLOUD act as good enough, something the Electronic Frontier Foundation strongly disagrees with. What does this mean for European and international...

DICOM viewer for Nextcloud continues to make progress

Some time ago we announced the availability of a DICOM viewer for Nextcloud. DICOM files are used widely in the medical sector for viewing and storing medical images like those for radiography, mammography or MRI with embedded patient information. The application was developed by Aysel Afsar Ozkan and has already been picked up by some...

Spring of Code, Spring into Code

Spring of Code, Spring into Code
Guest post by Arati, who together with Jessica makes up Team Popcorn that has applied to RGSoC2018 with Nextcloud.

Lessons from Applying to RGSoC

The very first lesson to take away from Rails Girls Summer of Code is that it is not in fact limited to Rails developers. Once I figured that out, I realised it would be a great next step for me. I heard...

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